Bernie’s not the Answer

In this photo taken May 20, 2015, Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., poses for a portrait before an interview with The Associated Press in Washington. For Democrats who had hoped to lure Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren into a presidential campaign, independent Sen. Bernie Sanders might be the next best thing. Sanders, who is opening his official presidential campaign Tuesday in Burlington, Vermont, aims to ignite a grassroots fire among left-leaning Democrats wary of Hillary Rodham Clinton. He is laying out an agenda in step with the party's progressive wing and compatible with Warren's platform _ reining in Wall Street banks, tackling college debt and creating a government-financed infrastructure jobs program. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Neither is Hillary, neither is Jeb. Donald Trump might be the answer, but I’m not sure yet (kidding).

The first time I could vote was back in 2008, when Barack Obama inspired so many of my generation. I remember being mesmerized by the words of Obama. He had such a great message. I witnessed so much of this country fall in love with his message. His mere presence gave people hope as his values and goals resonated with so many of us.

If you supported Obama in ’08 as I did, in your eyes, he was the savior. He was going to save America. He was going to “Make America Great Again”.

2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 went by and improvements were certainly made. But we witnessed how an opposing side can halt solutions and progress at will.

We saw a lack of passion from those of us who still supported Obama in 2012. For me, I still liked his premise, his goals, and his values, but I felt like I could see the writing on the wall. It had already been made clear to me; Obama can only do so much. He doesn’t even have that much power (which is a good thing, in some cases, when you think about it. For instance, if Trump found a way to win the upcoming election, I don’t want him to have the power that I would want Obama to have right now). So while he was the right choice, when the opponent was Mitt Romney, that’s all that he really was — the best choice. He’s simply a manager of the Country. He has more power than most, but that really doesn’t say too much. In many ways though, it has felt like he has had no power.

The point that I am ultimately making here is, the President is never the answer. This only took me about one and a half elections to figure out, yet it seems this is a realization only a handful have. Day after day I see my Facebook feed full of Bernie Sanders videos promoting his glory. Sadly, I am also seeing the same of Trump (Perhaps it’s time I delete some friends from my Facebook). I see people enamored by the exciting message that Bernie brings to the forefront, and they are good messages. They are great ideals. It’s a great premise. Where I see the fallacy, however, is in the response of his supporters. They view him as the Messiah; the man who will single-handedly save America. This is a belief that is far too plain to see isn’t true.

No one person will ever be the solution, because for real, significant change to happen, a social alignment needs to occur. For real, long lasting change, we need the great majority on the same page wanting the same things. Yes, Obama has done some things that have benefited us, thanks to his strong ideals and leadership. But some of the greatest social achievements during his presidency (marriage equality, for one), was the result of a change and alignment of social morality. The push of a united good that provided momentum in the masses is what made the change inevitable. It was too obvious to our society as a whole what the solution to the barbarically stupid question of marriage equality was, and it was this social pressure that forced change. Still, some of the most important and crucial issues have yet to be solved; the dissolving middle class and income inequality as a whole, climate change, stem cell research, the list goes on and on. These are issues that aid in the impotence of our society. Not just in the U.S. But in the world. And neither Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Dumb Fuck Trump are the answer to these serious issues. The answer is us. Social pressure. Expelling ignorance through education and conversation, making the answers to these problems undeniable and thereby shifting the moral and social zeitgeist that, as of now, is still suffering from a virus that feeds on the greed and ignorance of too great a majority.

So by all means, support the man or woman that you believe will be a good leader for this country, with the right ideals that will aid us in moving in the right direction. But keep one thing in perspective; no one President is the answer. We are.


Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Passion for Science

I have become a bigger and bigger fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson over the years. As I have watched and read more about him, I have come to admire his passion for science, way of thinking, and his ability to communicate and debate. He is a voice in the scientific community that is truly inspiring. In fact, after watching videos of him speak and get excited about science, it makes me want to grab my math textbooks and brush off the dust on my mathematical background. He inspires me to want to learn and discover more about what is true of reality.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been watching YouTube videos of him and I thought I would share a couple that I have enjoyed, here. So please, take the time to sit back and enjoy some good arguments, comebacks, and inspiring thoughts of Neil deGrasse Tyson.

A Place to Debate


One of the primary reasons that I started this blog was to open the door to discussion. Prior to this blog, my only option was to post quick thoughts on my Facebook page, most of which came under ignorant scrutiny from a friends list far too full of rednecks and evangelicals. I was tired of my thoughts quickly turning into arguments about how offensive I was being and the comments of my friends’ friends telling me I was going to hell. I wasn’t offended by this, but this wasn’t what I was looking for either.

As a solution, I found myself here on WordPress using this space as my own personal outlet for an intellectual and honest discussion about ideas. If people came to this blog, it was like signing a contract acknowledging what they are getting into if they choose to comment or debate. Either way, this has been a great source and I enjoy it more today than I did when I started.

As fun as this is, I am not a master of marketing and I am still relatively new to the blogosphere. Hence, it is still rare that I find myself in fulfilling conversation discussing different ideas. Alas, I have found a place that fulfills a couple of my desires with respect to this blog and I believe that it is worth letting those of you who either follow my blog, or simply scroll by this, know about what I have found.

Versus on Google+

If you do not have a gmail account, I recommend that you get one. Doing so also gives you a Google+ account which is essentially Facebook minus the narcissism if you use it correctly. As you explore Google+, you will find a section called “Communities” and there you will find numerous pages that might relate to you and your various needs. If you are like me with regards to your blog, you hope for two things; A thought provoking and worthwhile discussion, and, in order to do this, you have to promote your blog. Google+ communities provide this platform. I have two communities that I am fond of here, my favorite being the community “Versus”.

On Versus, you can post a claim, followed by your stance and a couple of reasons why your stance is what it is. In my experience, within fifteen minutes a debate will begin, and it is usually quite time consuming if you want it to be. It is thrilling and for the most part rewarding. Now how exactly does this promote my blog? This is how I typically set up my posts: First, I state the topic, followed by my stance and justification. After doing so, I end with something like; “My full argument can be seen here: … ” and I link to my blog. This leads to much more traffic and more followers and most importantly, more discussion. I have utilized it twice thus far and have very pleased.

So lastly, if you are looking for a good place to promote your blog and/or continue or start a discussion, I highly recommend Versus on Google+. Hope you enjoy.

The Golden Rule

In case you thought I quit writing on this blog, you are wrong. I have merely let my creative juices rebuild as I look over topics I have thought about in the past while considering some new. I hope to have a post up in a couple of days and we will see if things ramp back up here soon. Not sure though, I’m a busy person outside of this blog. To bring myself back into the fold, here’s a video I really enjoy. Talk to you soon.