About Me

About Me

Hello all! The main reason I have decided to start this blog is because I have always enjoyed writing. I wouldn’t consider writing a talent by any means, but putting my thoughts in writing has always been satisfying for me. My main areas of interest are science, philosophy, and religion. I also have a BS in Mathematics so I plan to occasionally post some things on that topic.

One of my greatest passions is discussion. Coupling that with my joy for writing and starting a blog sounded like a good idea. So the main purpose of this blog will be acting as an intellectual outlet for myself. I can put my ideas in writing, and also present other interesting videos, news, or whatever sparks my interest, and hopefully yours as well. I will kind of treat this place as my own personal playground. The more people that join in the better, but if I am left alone writing to myself, I will still find that pretty enjoyable.

I am not sure how often I will post. The variables will be time, and topics of interest. The length of my posts will also vary. Some will be short introductions to interesting videos or articles that I have found, while others will be longer, more in depth writings on a topic of interest. And of course, other posts will fall along that spectrum as well. So stick around, check up occasionally, feel free to further the conversation, and most importantly… Have fun utilizing this space as an intellectual outlet.

Lastly, if you wish to continue a discussion in more depth and/or in private, my email is:



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